Robert for PSC 2020

Issues in Depth

Telephone Communications Technology

Broadband and internet connection should be improved for Georgia's rural communities. Throughout Georgia, provide modern fiber optic cable technologies for quicker internet. Investigate methods for providing subsurface wiring that is ecologically friendly.

Clean Energy Production

Work together with educational institutions to put cutting-edge technology and approaches for renewable energy sources into action. Investigate alternatives to fossil fuels, such as solar, water, and wind power. Encourage the implementation of at least one renewable energy initiative every year in a Georgian municipality.

Environmentally Sustainable

Investigate new and inventive-affordable solutions to Georgia's energy demands by hosting symposiums and research conferences in collaboration with the University System of Georgia. STEM curricula in high school through college advance Public Service Commission job. To bring about change in Georgia, apply for funds from the government.

Robert G. "Bobby" Bryant

Dr. Robert G. "Bobby" Bryant, a resident of Savannah and a lifetime Georgian, is familiar with the difficulties Georgia's coastline is experiencing, as well as how they affect our water supplies and natural resources while raising our electricity costs. Robert has always been interested in and worried about how pollutants affect communities, individuals, and the environment.

He attended public schools in Chatham County and graduated from Windsor Forest High School. Robert received recognition for his ground-breaking study on lead poisoning and its effects on the environment while still a student at the Savannah Science Fair. Robert's scholarly curiosity followed him as he graduated from Georgia Southern University with a bachelor's and master's degree and subsequently with a Ph.D. in adult education. At various prestigious Southern schools and universities, he developed his professional reputation and created his career in higher education.

Robert has consistently embraced giving back to his community. Robert has a genuine passion for servant leadership, having participated in the Boy Scouts and Columbian Squires as a youngster and held leadership positions in the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and the Georgia State Conference of the NAACP as an adult.

Robert now uses his curiosity and sense of service as fuel for his advocacy. He is prepared to fight Georgia Power's escalating electricity rates, advance renewable energy and its advantages for the state's economy, and defend our wildlife and water resources.

Ballet Results

On November 3, 2020, Georgia conducted elections for two of the commission's five seats. The 2020 election's primary was slated on June 9. The general runoff election was rescheduled by Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger from December 1, 2020, to January 5, 2021. The deadline for submissions was March 6, 2020. Jason Shaw, the incumbent, won the Georgia Public Service Commission District 1 general election. Daniel Blackman and incumbent Lauren McDonald Jr. won the Georgia Public Service Commission District 4 general election.