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Dr. Robert G. Bryant is a leader.  He believes in servant leadership and continues to make an impact on various initiatives he is involved with.  Robert enjoys learning and can be described as someone who knows a little about a lot.  In fact, he participated in science fairs when he attended the public schools in Savannah, GA.  He explored the impact of lead in household products on people.  This was an early indication of Robert’s curiosity about the environment, in addition to developing advocacy skills.

Robert represented Savannah and Chatham County as a participant in Georgia science fairs as a high school student at Windsor Forest High School.  He also developed an interest in the environment as a Boy Scout where he participated in camping trips, learned about environmental issues, and developed knowledge about nature.  His mother helped him understand the beauty of nature, displaying her love for the outdoors with impeccable cultivation of flowers and more.  Robert continues her legacy and has developed a connection with the outdoors.

Robert enjoys living in Savannah so that he can access the Tybee Island Beach, as well as take frequent visits to River Street.  Although the waterways are beautiful sites, he understands the impact of pollution that hurts the aesthetics of Tybee Island and the Savannah River.  Robert also understands how public health is damaged by air and water pollution.  He has a firsthand account of environmental issues as a long-time resident of coastal Georgia.

Robert has always embraced service in his community. From a childhood spent in the Boy Scouts and the Columbian Squires to adult leadership in the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and the Georgia State Conference of the NAACP, Robert truly has a heart for servant leadership.

His professional career as a diversity officer will add a unique vision on the Georgia Public Service Commission.  He has 20 years of experience with leading diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.  His background will allow him to highlight disparities that communities of color encounter when equity and inclusion are disregarded.  His voice for working-class and rural Georgians, among others, will add a perspective that is sometimes disregarded.  His ability to understand this area will prove useful in conversations about environmental justice, in addition to being a voice for vulnerable communities on the Public Service Commission.

Robert’s intellectual curiosity led him on a journey to a  bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Georgia Southern University and later a Ph.D. in adult education from the University of Georgia. He has built his career and professional reputation in the field of higher education, serving as an executive at several colleges and universities.

With a  servant’s heart and a passion for activism, Robert seeks to become one of the next five Commissioners who will serve on the Georgia Public Service Commission as the District 1 representative.

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