What matters to Georgia

The Issues

Lower Utility Bills
Clean Water
Green Energy
Energy Jobs

As your Public Service Commissioner,
I will advocate for consumers of public utilities.

Telephone Communications Technology

  • Increase access to internet and broadband technology for rural areas throughout Georgia.
  • Provide state-of-the-art fiber optic cable technology for faster internet throughout Georgia.
  • Explore strategies to provide environmentally efficient underground wiring

Efficient Energy Production

  • Advocate for lower energy costs
  • Educate rate payers on strategies to increase energy efficiency in their homes and busineses
  • Support clean energy campaigns in cities and counties throughtout Georgia
  • Promote environmentally responsible and sustainable energy production in Georgia

Sustainable Clean Energy

  • Collaborate with educational institutions to implement cutting-edge technologies and strategies for clean and sustainable energy sources
  • Explore alternative energy sources beyond fossil fuels such as solar, water, and wind options
  • Advocate for at least one renewable energy source program annually in a Georgia municipality
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