What matters to Georgia

The Issues

Lower Utility Bills
Clean Water
Green Energy
Energy Jobs

As your Public Service Commissioner,
I will advocate for consumers of public utilities.

telephone and technology communications

Telephone Communications Technology

  • Increase access to internet and broadband technology for rural areas throughout Georgia.
  • Provide state-of-the-art fiber optic cable technology for faster internet throughout Georgia.
  • Explore strategies to provide environmentally efficient underground wiring

Sustainable Clean Energy

  • Collaborate with educational institutions to implement cutting-edge technologies and strategies for clean and sustainable energy sources
  • Explore alternative energy sources beyond fossil fuels such as solar, water, and wind options
  • Advocate for at least one renewable energy source program annually in a Georgia municipality
Wind Energy Sustainable

Efficient Energy Production

  • Advocate for lower energy costs
  • Educate rate payers on strategies to increase energy efficiency in their homes and busineses
  • Support clean energy campaigns in cities and counties throughtout Georgia
  • Promote environmentally responsible and sustainable energy production in Georgia

Remain an Environmentally Responsible Sustainable Planet

Work with the University System of Georgia to host symposiums and research conferences to investigate new and innovative-affordable solutions to Georgia’s energy needs.

Advance Public Service Commission work in secondary school through college in STEM curriculums.

Seek federal funding in grants to implement change in Georgia.

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